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Bente Silog and its twenty pesos meals is sure to never break the bank! Their Bente meals comes in 3 varieties - Burgersilog, Longsilog and Hamsilog. Aside from their famous Twenty Peso meals, they do also offer other varieties at a higher prices but still very affordable to every Juan.

As a franchise business, it's a sure hit for the mass-market as it offers the best value for your customers. It's well-lit stores and great offers make Bente Silog very easy to recognize, remember and love.

All-in Franchise Package:   

    Take Out Counter:     Php 400k (5-20 sqm)

    Dine In Restaurant:   Php 550k (21-40 sqm)

    Dine In Restaurant:   Php 600k (51-100 sqm)

More Details: Bente Silog

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