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Bibingkinitan is a brand that is 100% Truly Filipino, Proudly Filipino. Bibingkinitan created renewed interest in Filipino Delicacies in a Time of doughnuts, French fries, and burgers. It showcases the Best that the Philippines can offer to the World.


Bibingkinitan now stands proud with 200 + stores nationwide. Renowned to be on of the top ten best and most recognizable food carts.  Bibingkinitan has a growing market for all locations serving fresh-off-the-oven mini bibingkas and the world class barako coffee.


Date Established: 2006

Franchise Fee: Php 200,000.00

Total Capital: Php 519,000.00 to 1.1 M (inclusive of Franchise Fee)

Space requirement: 4-6 sqm (cart); 10-20 sqm (kiosk); 20-40 sqm (in-line)

More Details: Bibingkinitan

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