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Nearest Buildings along Aguirre Street:

  1. B & M Building
  2. Carlos J. Valdes Building
  3. CSJ Building
  4. Directwithhotels Ltd
  5. East Offices Building
  6. Enchanted Kingdom
  7. Greenbelt Radissons Condominium
  8. L & F Building
  9. Pilgrim Building
  10. Rakso Air Travel and Tours
  11. Recogen Building
  12. Roxas And Company Incorporated
  13. Sandigan sa Makati Cultural Center
  14. Somerset Millenium

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Galing ka ng Glorietta Mall / Greenbelt, Makati:

Unang Routa:

  1. Sumakay ka ng Ayala MRT Station, maglakad papuntang Ayala Avenue.
  2. Sumakay ng jeep sa Washington at pumunta sa Paseo de Roxas corner Ayala Avenue.
  3. Maglakad 6 blocks sa Paseo de Roxas hanggang makarating sa Gamboa Street.
  4. Kumaliwa sa Gamboa at maglakad sa 1 block patungo Trasierra Street.
  5. Kumaliwa sa Trasierra Street at maglakad 2 blocks papuntang Aguirre Street.

Ikalwang Routa:

  1. Mula Ayala MRT Station, maglakad pa puntan Greenbelt 1.
  2. Maglakad papuntang Paseo de Roxas lumabas malapit sa Asian Institute of Management (AIM), Wendy's, and Rustan's Supermarket.
  3. Tumawid sa Paseo de Roxas at kumanan.
  4. Maglakad 1 block sa Paseo de Roxas at kumaliwa sa Gamboa Street.
  5. Kumaliwa sa Gamboa at maglakad ng 1 block papuntang Trasierra Street.
  6. Kumaliwa sa Trasierra Street at maglakad ng 2 blocks patungo Aguirre Street.
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