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why can't I find a bride? what will you advise me?

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For anyone who’s ever Googled how much sex they should be having in their relationship, it’s time to release yourself from arbitrary math equations! “Long gone are the days [of thinking] if you are having sex with your partner X amount of times a week, your marriage is solid or on the rocks,” says Facio. “Completely false.” She goes on to add, “If healthy intimacy is happening half the time in your relationship, i.e. cuddling, flirting, playing, sharing, supporting, challenging, exploring and [you’re having] sex—then you are better off than half the couples on the planet.”

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don't worry! in the modern world there are a large number of good and decent Levushkas who dream of getting married. you can find them on the internet. I found my libra woman on this site and I am happy with her. we love each other and I dream of living with her all my life

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You must be looking for your fiancee badly. In addition, you did not specify how old you are and what you want from the future bride. I can tell you that many young girls often choose older men as their suitors. This is the reality of life. Just find out more information about younger women dating older men and it will open your eyes. Surely you want to get a young beauty as a bride?