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The major drawback to this solution is that replacing the windows throughout your home can be quite costly, depending on the windows you choose and, naturally, the amount of windows that need to be replaced. You should call around and get several price quotes from competitors before making your final window decision as that will help you to get a better idea of if you are getting a fair price for this major home improvement project. If this option is cost prohibitive, then try some window sealant options. Simple go to your local home improvement retailer and ask the sale rep how they would recommend you keep the chilly drafts at bay. They should be able to show you some draft protection, such as weather stripping or plastic overlays for your windows and doors, which will help to reduce the effects that ineffective windows can have on your heating bill. Many of these options are quite affordable as well and require little to no previous skill to implement in your home as well, making them perfect for the novice home improver.