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1. To buy data package through PayMaya Tap “More” on the app homepage.

2. Click on “Shop”.

3. Go to “Mobile” (for Android) or “Load” (for iOS).

4. Choose the desired data packages denomination or package.

5. Enter your mobile number and you may also add a message then tap “Continue”.

6. Tap “Buy”.

7. To send data package to others Tap “More” on the home page.

8. Click on “Shop”.

9. Go to “Mobile” (for Android) or “Load” (for iOS)

10. Choose your data packages

11. Toggle Send as Gift button

12. Enter the recipient’s mobile number

13. You may also add a message below the recipient’s number

14. Tap “Continue”

15. Verify your data packages details

16. Tap “Buy”

17. Wait for data package purchase confirmation
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