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1. To link your PayMaya Physical Card Log in to your PayMaya app account.
At the iOS device, tap “More” at the bottom right. For Android phones, tap the Menu icon on the top left.

2. Go to “My Cards” in the main menu.

3. Tap on “link card” and enter the 16-digit number on the physical card, expiration date and CVV.

If you don’t have the PayMaya app account yet you can activate the physical card via SMS. Text activate < space > card ID number < space > first name/last name and send to 292907969.

Note: you should have air time load of at least P1.00. Download the PayMaya app and register with your name, email and mobile number you used to activate the physical card. Receive a verification code via SMS Go to “My Cards” in the app’s main menu Tap on the blue PayMaya card Nominate a 6-digit PIN
*Take note for you pin it will use this for ATM withdrawals.