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Are debt relief programs legit?

2 Answers

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Some are, but understand they are providing a service and will expect to be paid for that service.

They don’t do much that a person cannot do on their own. Contacting debt holders and negotiating new terms or payment plans can be done individually, though perhaps not with the speed and efficacy of a company that does it for a living.

Setting up a budget and getting friendly reminders to stick to it, these can be helpful for those who lacked the spending discipline to avoid debt to begin with.

There are no “secrets the credit card companies don’t want you to know”

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Hi, study the subject first. Because there are lots of scams by the way. 

I would recommend debt relief

see how much you might save today. I found this service to be very professional and and personable. 

Answered all my questions and concerns. I already feel relieved. Highly recommended