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How to make money on instagram?

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The very first step (in addition to publishing photos) is to create a business account and follow the statistics. This way you will better understand your subscribers what they like and what not. And you will have numbers that you can show to advertisers and partners (reach, views, engagement). A screenshot from the statistics is much more convincing than any promises.Earnings on likes and subscriptions on Instagram.The easiest way, any account is suitable. What you need to do: complete tasks - like, subscribe, comment, etc.How to make money on Instagram on advertisingThe most popular way to make money on Instagram is advertising. Publish a post, get paid for it.What should be your account for advertisers to contact you:- how many subscribers - from 5,000. Sometimes less, depending on the topic and activity. By the way, you can increase the number offollowers with Instagram Followers with auto-refill  regular posts-advertising posts are not too many