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Finding a job is really not easy. As for me, you can use friends' tips or job search sites. But this is not a success if you find a vacancy. You have to prove yourself. A cover letter is a good idea. I would like to recommend . It is special manager, witch can help you to make good cover letter for a law price.

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It is not very hard now. I think you can find a job if you really want it. You have all the options for that. You can use different job search sites. There are many such sites, and it can help you with this.

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I think the best job is own business. It is better if you will work not for someone. It is easy to make own business. I created my business and this brings me high income. I live in Jong Kong now, so I created my business there. It is easy to make own company. You can turn to firm in Hong Cong if you have some problems with registration of company. They will help you.

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