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Of the current dwarf planets ("Current Members").

From the Sun

Ceres = 2.77 AU

Pluto = 39.48 AU

Haumea = 43.34 AU

Makemake = 45.79 AU

Eris = 67.67 AU

From Earth at the closest approach.

Ceres = 1.77 AU

Pluto = 38.48 AU

Haumea = 42.34 AU

Makemake = 44.79 AU

Eris = 66.67 news au

Where 1 AU = 150 million kilometres or 93 million miles (Approximately).

Are there any other dwarf planets other than Pluto?
There are other dwarf planets. So far there are 5 known dwarf planets (including Pluto), but probably more will be discovered.

Do you have a dwarf planet?
Our solar system has five known dwarf planets, so far.

Why do astronomers don't know how many dwarf planets there are?
Will the exception of Ceres, all dwarf planets orbit very far from the sun, making them difficult to detect.

What are the 4 dwarf planets called?
Pluto, Eris, Ceres, Haumea and Makemake are the dwarf planets found so far. As you can see there are 5 now, not just 4.

Where do the dwarf planets fit into the solar system?
"Ceres" is in the "Asteroid Belt". The other four so far confirmed dwarf planets (including Pluto) are in the "Kuiper Belt".

Where are the dwarf planets situated?
There are five bodies currently classified as dwarf planets. All of the except for Ceres are beyond the orbit of Neptune, with their orbits extending into the Kuiper belt. Ceres is the smallest of the dwarf planets, but far closer. It is in the asteroid belt between the orbit of Mars and Jupiter.

What are the locations of dwarf planets?
There are five bodies currently classified as dwarf planets. All of the except for Ceres are beyond the orbit of Neptune, with their orbits extending into the Kuiper belt. Ceres is the smallest of the dwarf planets, but far closer. It is in the asteroid belt between the orbit of Mars and Jupiter.

Can dwarf planets have moons why?
Yes. Of the five recognized dwarf planets only one, Ceres lacks a moon. Dwarf planets are massive objects, far more massive that ordinary asteroids and comets, so they have strong enough gravity to retain moons in stable orbits.

Are the out planets the same as the inner planets?
No. All of the outer planets, (unincluding the dwarf planet Pluto) are all made of gas, and far larger than the inner planets.

Do all dwarf planets lie far beyond the orbit of Neptune?
No. Ceres is a dwarf planet and orbits inside the orbit of Jupiter.

Are dwarf planets considered planets?
no, they are dwarf planets. Pluto is not a planet, it is a dwarf planet. The difference is that dwarf planets have an eccentric or elliptical orbit, and that they are small. the dwarf planets in our solar system are kuiper belt objects.

Which of the planet classified as a Dwarf planet?
Pluto, Ceres, Eris, Sedna and Makemake are the five "dwarf planets" designated so far. Ceres, Pluto, Haumea, Makemake and Eris are currently the five bodies classed as dwarf planets, but there are further candidates that could be classed as dwarf planets once more information on their shape has been uncovered.

Do other dwarf planets orbit the sun?
none so far have been proved

What is the 25th planet in the solar system?
There are only 8 planets so far (that have been discovered) in our solar system. There are also 4 dwarf planets (these are not proper planets). Starting with the closest to the sun: Mercury Venus Earth Mars (Ceres - Dwarf) Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune (Pluto - Dwarf) (Makemake - Dwarf) (Eris - Dwarf) There are probably more - but these are the only ones that have been discovered.

How many extrasolar planets are there in this this universe?
There are about 480 which have been discovered so far in the universe a handful of them are dwarf planets. Hope this helps!!!!

Does the dwarf planet Haumea have any rings?
As far as I know, no dwarf planet has rings. The only planets (in our Solar System) known to have rings are the four giant planets - Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.

Which planets are the dwarf planets?
Dwarf planets are objects in our solar system that are big enough to pull themselves into a rounded shape yet orbit the Sun in a "messy" neighbourhood (like the asteroid belt, or the Kuiper Belt beyond Neptune.) So far, the International Astronomical Union lists five dwarf planets: Ceres in the asteroid belt, and Pluto, Haumea, Makemake and Eris in the Kuiper Belt. However, it is highly likely that a LOT more objects out there in...

Is Ceres a dwarf planet?
Ceres is the smallest of the so-far-discovered five dwarf planets. She can also be correctly defined as the largest asteroid.

How are the inner planets similar to dwarf planets?
The other planets are not similar to dwarf planets.

Is there more planets in space?
There are eight planets in our solar system and five dwarf planets. Its unlikely that we'll find more planets in orbit around our sun, but there may be more dwarf planets to be discovered or classified. There are also other planets in orbit around other star systems called exoplanets. These are very far away, so have been very difficult to detect, but so far over 500 have been identified.

What can planets do that dwarf planets cannot do?
Actually Dwarf planets are planets which are very small in size and cannot be called planets but not as small to be called asteroids, so the name dwarf planets.

How do you compare dwarf planets from regular planets?
dwarf planets are smaller than regular planets

Are dwarf planets asteroids?
No they are just dwarf planets

What is the name of our dwarf planets?
our dwarf planets are Pluto

How is a moon different from a planet or a dwarf planet?
Moons revolve around planets and dwarf planets. Planets and dwarf planets revolve around stars.

What is the largest dwarf planet?
Eris is the largest, so far (2009), of the Dwarf Planets. Equatorial diameter 2,400 km (Pluto is 2,306 km)

Why do the number of dwarf planets change constantly?
The number of dwarf planets changes constantly because astronomers are finding and classifying new dwarf planets. As of June 2014, there are 10 known dwarf planets plus many others that may be classified as dwarf planets.

Why are dwarf planets called dwarf planets?
dwarf planets are called dwarf planets because they are too small to be classified as an actual planet. Pluto is a dwarf planet as well as Xena and Ceres. Which you probably do not know of because we do not study them as main planets in our solar system.

Where are most dwarf planets found?
So far most dwarf planets are found in a ring of icy debris beyond the orbit of Neptune known as the "Kuiper Belt." Only one dwarf planet is recognized in the belt of dry material between Mars and Jupiter known as the asteroids. That dwarf is called Ceres.

How are dwarf planets different from actual planets?
Dwarf planets are more smaller than actual planets.

Do outer planets have dwarf planets?
No. Planets do not have dwarf planets. A planet-sized object orbiting a larger planet is a moon. Dwarf planets orbit the sun independent of other objects.

How are Eris and Pluto alike?
They are both dwarf planets They are part of the outer circle of planets They are far a way from the sun they are small they do not fit the requirements to be a planet

What elements are the dwarf planets made of?

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