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Should I pay attention to web site design? How important is web design and what should be the site?

3 Answers

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The company's web site is the face of the company in front of Internet users. So conclude how important cleanliness and beauty.

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Have you seen how many websites exist on the Internet? Behind each site is a company that is focused on profit and earnings. And the number of sites is growing exponentially every day. Web design is valuable in that it shapes your advertising your presentation to internet users. It is not enough to create a site. It is necessary that you would go to it and then become customers of your company and bring money to your company. And now it's harder than it was even a year ago. There are already certain ux design principles  that clearly track the dynamics and give recommendations to companies on what should be theirs site

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Web design is now very difficult. Developers follow each other. They study each other's styles and try to develop their own unique design