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Top 10 medical schools in the Philippines based on their board exam performances for the past three years and their latest tuition fees.

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1. Saint Luke’s College of Medicine.

Passing Rate: 100%

Number of Passers (first-timers): 212 of 212

Tuition fee per Semester (Php): Around 125,000+
How to get admission in top 10 medical unversity of Philippines.
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2. Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila.

Passing Rate: 99.46%

Number of Passers (first-timers): 367 of 369

Tuition fee per Semester (Php): 61,000+ (1st to 3rd year) and 120,000+ (4th year) for students with no scholarship.
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3. Cebu Institute of Medicine.

Passing Rate: 99.19%

Number of Passers (first-timers): 369 of 372

Tuition fee per Semester (Php): Around 76,000+
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4. The University of the Philippines – Manila.

Passing Rate: 98.90%

Number of Passers (first-timers): 450 of 455

Tuition fee per Semester (Php): 36,000 – 51,000+ depending on the student’s income bracket.
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5. West Visayas State University – La Paz.

Passing Rate: 97.84%

Number of Passers (first-timers): 272 of 278

Tuition fee per Semester (Php): 21,000+ (1st to 3rd year) and 30,000+ (4th year).
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6. University of Santo Tomas.

Passing Rate: 97.29%

Number of Passers (first-timers): 1,292 of 1,328

Tuition fee per Semester (Php): 125,000+ (1st to 3rd year) and 230,000+ (4th year).
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7. Ateneo de Manila University – School of Medicine and Public Health.

Passing Rate: 97.07%

Number of Passers (first-timers): 364 of 375

Tuition fee per Semester (Php): 112,000+
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8. University of the East – Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Medical Center.

Passing Rate: 95.84%

Number of Passers (first-timers): 806 of 841

Tuition fee per Semester (Php): 85,000+
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9. Xavier University.

Passing Rate: 95.65%

Number of Passers (first-timers): 176 of 184

Tuition fee per Semester (Php): Around 58,000+
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10. Cebu Doctors’ University – College of Medicine.

Passing Rate: 93.84%

Number of Passers (first-timers): 259 of 276

Tuition fee per Semester (Php): Around 75,000+