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How do I get an IT job in Malaysia?

4 Answers

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You need to look for IT recruiters in LinkedIn and other well known Job portals. Connect with recruiters and so forth.

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You can find such positions on My close friend has found a good well paid job there and he has no regrets about that. Simply register and start searching, do not waste time in vain. Good luck

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You can search for jobs on different sites on the Internet. I heard some companies need specialists in this field now.
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Hello. The IT industry is very relevant now. I also work in this area. I can advise you a site with a large number of vacancies where you can definitely find what you need. This site also receives alerts about new vacancies, so you will always be in the know. When I lived in South Africa this site helped me find a job.
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It is not very hard now. I think you can find a job if you really want it. You have all the options for that. You can use different job search sites. There are many such sites, and it can help you with this.

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Finding a job is really not easy. As for me, you can use friends' tips or job search sites. But this is not a success if you find a vacancy. You have to prove yourself. A cover letter is a good idea. I would like to recommend It is special service, which  can help you to make good cover letter for a low price.