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Which dating website have you found luck on?

3 Answers

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In 9 yrs testing well over 85 sites, just a few meetings off of POF to begin with, then nothing! In the last 3 yrs been hit on by over 1,000 men/emails and those I talked with past 4 emails up to almost 4 months(overseas) of emails , 238 of the all were fakes, scammers, con artists!! No a one was an honest , decent man, military or civilian!!! I have photos and I documented it all! Most were on Mingles2 so be careful there. Think scammers own that site. How could one site be that bad!!!? Basic answer, none have been any good!! Pay sites are not any better. You pay to hear lies!

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A few years ago I met my DW dating with black singles on and I consider myself to be the happiest man ever because my honey is a perfect woman. So, yeah I believe you should try online dating as a good variant to meet your sole mate.

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Hey. Recently, my mom asked me to find a dating site for her where she could meet a mature man. I didn't think there were so many of them and it was really difficult to choose a good one. I read a huge number of reviews, and finally I found the perfect one. If you are also interested, you can take a look here.