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How dangerous is online dating?

5 Answers

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Most of them are dangerous since the personal data is easy to manipulate. You have to make sure the guy or the girl give you registered mobile phone, original addres or email. Many experiences info from any media almost 70% of dating request coming from fake name or iD just for fun or MEFL phenomenon (Meet, Explore,Fun and Leave) so a bit risky for girls who are good intention and zero allert.

There are also true success story for on line dating but most of them met with some frequent meeting and true iD adress and registered mobile phone basis.

I just want to remind please enjoy your on line meeting but never be fully trust …bring your friend to meet stranger on line ..before you go far…

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Not at all! I met my DW dating with black singles on and should say this is the most important thing that have ever happen to me. Simply register and start dating! 

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Good day. I can definitely answer this question. If you choose a reliable site, then all your data will be protected. And also all the pages that exist on this site will be real and reliable. The most important thing is to find a safe and reliable dating site. It's not that easy, but I will recommend one source to you, and then it's up to you to decide!

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Dating  with beautiful women -
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