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Mayroong maraming mga paraan upang mag-cash in sa iyong account:

  • Submitting a Cash In request 
  • Asking for a Payment 
  • Sending Bitcoin from an outer wallet 
  • Gaining rewards 

Submitting a Cash In request 

When you create an Cash In order, you can choose from over a dozen different ways to cash in. Together, these options comprise 22,000+ locations nationwide - including 7-Eleven outlets and Cebuana and M Lhuillier branches across the Philippines

Show the sum you need to cash in and where you need to finish the payment. A few choices will require you to sign in and give the reference number, and a few alternatives  ways to pay. You can cash in either to your Peso Wallet, or to your Bitcoin Wallet. 

Asking for a Payment 

Payment Request include is an issue free method for gathering cash that you're owed. All you require is the email address, cell phone or Facebook name of the individual you're asking for the installment from. will advise that individual about your demand, and give them an approach to pay you through 7-Eleven, M Lhuillier, Cebuana, or their own account. Once they've finished the payment, it will be credited to your Peso Wallet! 

Sending Bitcoin from an outer wallet 

On the off chance that you have Bitcoin in another wallet (ex. Coinbase, BitGo,, you can without much of a stretch send it to your wallet essentially by utilizing your wallet receiving address. Keeping your Bitcoin in enables you to change over it whenever into Pesos, and to money it out to your financial balance or utilize it to purchase stack, pay your bills, or purchase diversion credits. 

Gaining rewards 

You can gain both Peso and Bitcoin rewards by finishing different missions and referring your friends to use!