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The barangay clearance is normally asked for work prerequisites, ID application, supporting documents in application to government organizations, supporting records to medicinal authentications, Affidavits, and at whatever point any office asks for or requires it. 

Barangay Clearance is a record confirming that the candidate is of good character and great occupant of a given town or barangay. It likewise demonstrates that the candidate has no awful records or indecent foundation. More or less, the authentication basically expresses that the individual expressed has a decent remaining as an inhabitant.

Barangay Clearance Requirements

  • Recent Cedula (Community Tax Certificate)
  • Application Form
  • Application Fee (price vary depending on the Barangay)

Procedure in getting a Barangay Clearance

Go to the Barangay Hall or Municipal Office and tell the officer you will require Barangay Clearance. They will approach you for what reason you will utilize it so you should disclose to them the reasons – work, ID necessity, Police Clearance prerequisite, Postal ID, Affidavits, and so on.

The certificates has no lapse date or legitimacy period. Be that as it may, asking for organizations dependably require and favor a recently issued. Typically they incline toward a declaration that has been issued over the most recent a half year so if your barangay clearance is inside a year, inquire as to whether they would acknowledge it. If not, you can get another. I propose you continually bring the first declaration and get ready for a few photocopies. 

Note that Barangay Clearance is not quite the same as NBI Clearance and Police Clearance. On the off chance that you require alternate records, you should apply for them independently. They likewise have diverse necessities and they are connected at their particular workplaces.