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Hindi ako experto on this but I'm just telling my experience about Nordette. I took Nordette (Wyeth), my green packaging with 21 pills as an Emergency Contraceptive dito sa Philippines, since wala Plan B or any labeled na ECPs available here dito sa bansa gawa na ito ay ban.

Sa totoo ang gamot ay EFFECTIVE. So if considering ka to use Nordette as an ECP, strongly recommend it. Paggamit ng Nordette as an ECP is OFF-LABEL, hindi sinabi sa packaging ang paggamit nito unlike sa ECP, ito ay normal oral contraceptive but still can be used as an ECP. This is something that you should take or do at your own risk though. Sinasabi ko sayo na hindi ako doctor or any medical praticioner. Nais ko lang ishare ang experience and my knowledge about Nordette as an ECP.

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Hi! I've been taking nordette as ECP for a year now and all I could say is that it really works 100%. I'm not a doctor but I believe I know more about this pill compared to those who will be taking it for the first time. Knowledge is power and so here I am to give answers to some frequently asked questions :) 

Note: I am answering based from my experiences.

Q: I had sex while I was on my period. Will Nordette still work and give me the "withdrawal bleeding"?
A: Yes it will still work. As for the bleeding, you will not have it due to your menstruation. 

Q: What are the effects after taking Nordette?
A: You will have mild to strong head aches and will feel weak during the day. This could last up to 2 days after taking Nordette. In my case, this only happened to me the first and second time I tried the pill (1st time - March, 2nd time - June). Afterwards, I no longer experienced the effects maybe because it is no longer foreign to my system and my body has grown used to it somehow. 

Q: What happens if I miss my 2nd dose? Should I take it again?
A: If by missing your 2nd dose would mean just a few hours after the time you should have taken it, it is better you still take it right away rather than starting over the next day. But if you have completely missed it, just take it again the following day.

Q: Is it okay if I take the pills one at a time instead of taking it all at once? 
A: No because it will not work as an ECP but rather as a normal oral contraceptive. Oral contraceptives will not stop you from getting pregnant. So it is best you take Nordette as instructed for being an ECP which is 4 at a time and then taking it again after 12 hours.

Q: What happens if I was not able to take Nordette within 7 days after having sex? Will it still work?
A: Nordette is most effective when you take it a few hours after having sex. There is a 99% chance you will not conceive if taken within the day you've had sex. The longer it takes for you to take Nordette, the more it loses its effectiveness in stopping you from getting pregnant.

Q: Will Nordette still work even if I took a different kind of drug (medicine/vitamins etc) while taking it?
A: Unless the other kind of pill you took has an ingredient that would counter the effectiveness of Nordette as an ECP, it should not prevent Nordette from saving you from pregnancy.

Q: Is Nordette still available?
A: Yes. You can find it in Mercury Drugstore or other drug stores. If they ask for prescription from a doctor, have your boyfriend/partner/husband buy it for you  (my bf always buys it for me) and it should cost less than 200 pesos. The pills are tiny, white and circular in shape.

Q: Is it normal to have brown discharge/bleeding a few days or a week after taking Nordette?
A: Yes. This should be your "menstruation", it will be light and will last for a few days (2-4). Your period will start on this day from now on. If you have a regular cycle, your period's cycle will start on the day you started to bleed after taking the ECP. 

I hope I answered your questions :) If you're worried, take a home pregnancy test. The feeling that comes after finding out youre not pregnant will surely ease your worries. Take care!

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Ang Nordette ay isa sa contraceptive pill na ginagamit din as ECP (Emergency Contraceptive Pill). Based on my experience effective ito. Ginagamit ito as emergency pill lalong lalo na kung nagfail ang ginamit mong contraceptive pill like nabutas ang condom. PAALALA: hindi ito pwede gamitin kung already pregnant ka na, hindi nito mapipigilan ang pregnancy. Mapipigilan lang ito kung nagtake ka as soon as possible. 

Effective daw ito if taken within 72 hours after sex. Ang procedure ng pagtake after sex kung nasira ang condom, magtake ka ng 4 pills and then after 12 hours take uli ng another 4 pills. so 8 lahat. yan lang ang itatake mo. itabi mo na ung the rest na natira.

Eto na ang experience using Nordette as ECP. Last January 29, 2017 nagintercourse kami ng husband ko, may condom pero after the deed napansin namin nabutas. todo panic kami kasi wala pa naman sa plano namin na magbaby uli. that time sunday yun at wala kami makausap na OB Gyne. nagresearch kami sa net kung ano ang pwede gawin sa ganyang case. nabasa ko nga yung about sa Nordette. ayun after the deed nagpunta kami agad sa Mercury Drug sinubukan ko kung meron mabibiling Nordette, ayun buti na lang meron pa. 21 day pill siya pero ang need mo lang is 8 pills para gamitin as ECP.

After ilan hours ng pagtake ng Nordette, nakaramdam ako ng Nausea, masakit ang puson mas lalo lumala nun after ko pagtake ng last 4 pills. tiniis ko lahat ng side effects. After 2 days ng pagtake niyan, napansin ko nagkaron ako ng mga pasa (bruises) sa paa, sign na magkakaron na ko. According sa mga nabasa ko magkakaron daw ng withdrawal bleeding after 6-14 days. after 6 days ayun nga may lumabas sakin, almost 3 days lang ang tinagal at medyo light red at brown. so nagpanic ako na baka implantation bleeding na to (senyales ng early pregnancy)

Ilan days ako nagiisip kung ano ba mangyayari. eto nga napadaan ako sa Watsons at meron ako nakita na pregnancy test na makakadetect na ng pregnancy test after 10 days of intercourse. Ayun nga exactly after 10 days, nagPT ako at negative. Di pa nagtatapos ang pagiging paranoid ko ng time na yan. halos araw araw nag pregnancy test ako at puro negative.

Then dumating ang March 2 may lumabas na dugo sakin at mukang malakas na and super bright red na. Ayun dumating na ang period ko. Best period ever! :D hay after ilan days na pagiisip nakahinga na ko ng maluwag :) Super effective talaga ng Nordette. (First time ko lang ginamit as ECP to and sana wag na maulit ung nangyari sakin kasi sobrang hirap tiisin ng side effects)

PAALALA: Wag gawin lagi yan kasi makakasama ang pills sa katawan. lahat naman pag nasobrahan ay masama. ginagamit lang siya as ECP at di pwede abusuhin. Yun lang 

source:Ximena Sky