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How to choose Inversion Table?

2 Answers

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  1. Durable - Spend a little more and dont buy for the cheapest one.
  2. Get branded - More reliable and the customer service will almost always be better for branded one.
  3. Get some add-ons - Adding some add-ons to enhance inversion table experience.
  4. Do a research - Read some customers review.
  5. Need to be comfortable - Using a table that isn't comfortable to use will do more harm than good.
  6. Weight Conscious - Buy the one that can hold your weight some inversion table cannot hold over 300 pounds
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Due to sedentary work at the computer, my back often began to hurt. After searching in Google for solving this problem, I came across a description of a massager - an inversion table At first I thought that what this massager can help with, it looks unattractive. But after reading reviews about it from customers, I decided to order myself. After several applications, the back became much less troubling.